Isabela’s island rock children

Isabella Island is home to a bunch of tightly packed famous volcanoes such as Wolf, Darwin, Alcedo, Cerro Azul, and Sierra Negra among others, which over the last few Millennia have erupted and formed new interesting sites on the island to be explored!

The Galapagos Islands were formed via layering and tectonic plate movement caused by volcanic eruptions, leaving them undisturbed for thousands of years. Before their discovery, numerous in-land volcanic eruptions occurred unnoticed, shaping peculiar formations across the entire island, particularly Isabela. Isabela gained renown for tourist attractions such as the Sierra Negra volcano, featuring one of the world’s largest craters that acts as a sun shield for vegetation and fauna. This enables tourists to safely hike along or into the volcano. Another notable site of interest is the Tintoreras islets, barely protruding above water, where white-tipped sharks frequent, offering a perfect opportunity to observe marine life. Additionally, the Lava tunnels provide excellent viewing of formations where various species including sea turtles, sea lions, flamingos, manta rays, and penguins can be spotted. These tunnels are ideal for snorkeling, offering shallow waters teeming with wildlife, underwater passages, and arches filled with clear cyan water.

These natural wonders and attractions have elevated Isabela to the most sought-after island and the top choice for adventurous excursions and romantic getaways in the Galapagos archipelago.

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