The Mystical Floreana Island

A magical yet mysterious island full of rumors and legends, once known for its pirate adventures, untamable nature, and an unlikely prankster got turned around and is now a wildlife super-nest.

The Floreana Island had numerous colonies from all over the world attempting to settle down, however, only a couple of German families managed to succeed, which sadly led to the island being set on fire due to a prank gone wrong by a sailor aboard the “Sussex” whaling ship, and while no one knows exactly why this turned the island into a pirate checkpoint where a barrel would be kept as a post office. This caused a lot of speculation and rumors about the island to spread, which led to it being known as a mysterious island where inexplicable stuff happened, sadly this caused the island’s species to be constantly threatened, it wasn’t until 1835 that Darwin arrived, and developed his theory of evolution thanks to certain species of birds and turtles that inhabit the islands, this urged for the protection of the islands which led the UNESCO world heritage site in 1978, thanks to the care from the government and locals, all of the endemic species have been thriving since; you can now visit Floreana island where you interact with the wildlife such as penguins, marine iguanas, and sea lions peacefully resting on the shores, and maybe drop a letter in the wooden barrel for the next visitors while you’re there, but watch out for the Cacti!

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