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Why Ecuador!


Calling on passionate travelers, those who have the spirit of Ibn Battuta and Nansen, Magellan and Xuanzang! Who are willing to cross the miles and continents only to be met with an adventure of a lifetime, a 3-week magical journey where they will explore four distinct amazing worlds in only one country, yes, one country; Ecuador!

Travelers who will start breathing the chilly clean breeze of the Andes, completely worth it when they get dazzled by its colonial architecture and world heritage sites, traditional markets, and exquisite foods. When they wander around the foothills of its jaw-dropping mighty volcanoes and visit its charming volcanic crater lakes- all are a couple of hours away from a serene cloud forest full of fascinating waterfalls! Say Inca and Pre-Incan ruins, and pet their Llamas!

To the Ecuadorian Amazon, an unparalleled experience in a rainforest where you can indulge and reveal its mysterious and exceptional biodiversity, a jungle with one of the best accessibility in the region; learn from the indigenous communities who live there, whether the Kichwas, the Achuars, or others (they might share a couple of their secrets about the jungle). Eat their food, support them in your own generous way, inhale their wisdom through the humid air of the forest and its noisy sounds… Be it Howler Monkeys, Caimans, or Otters- feel the eyes that will be watching you!

And to the western low portion of the Equator you go, to the Pacific Coast (AKA La Costa), where the cities and towns from which one of the world’s best quality Cacao was exported. Travelers will enjoy its golden beaches and vibrant nights, the fresh seafood, and a great diversity of marine life. Surf as a master or watch the majestic whales in an experience that will take your breath away if you’re there at that time of the year. 

And just when our eager travelers think that they had their overdose of beauty, here comes the Galapagos Islands! The Enchanted Islands; where Charles Darwin got even more inspired and changed how many of us perceived ‘creation’ with his Theory of Natural Selection. Hop from one gorgeous island to the another, marvel at the serenity of its pristine beaches, swim with endemic Sea Lions that will probably laugh at your skills, watch in awe the Galapagos Great Frightbirds flying in elegance and the astonishing cuteness of the Blue-Footed Boobies, dive with Hammerhead Sharks if you’re up to it, or just learn about and say hi to a Galapagos Giant Tortoise that could possibly be triple your age! 

The mere idea of being able to take a photo close to a ‘Marine Iguana with pure genes that trace back to millions of years on an uninhabited island’ should trigger our travelers’ enthusiasm to an unprecedented high!

Can you think of a more complete Adventure!! Come find out yourself and you can tell me ‘Gracias’ later!

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